Island Song returns to the Virgin Islands theaters for the Summer of 2014

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Los Angeles radio personality Maurice Manning journeys to the mystical islands to find himself caught up in a dark, criminal underworld. It's a harrowing trip that rips him out of his self-absorption toward redemption. Believing he is in control of his world, Maurice uncovers the dark figures pulling the strings of his career thru Zerai, a prophet, poet and warrior, whose life-long goal is to keep the islands safe.

For the first time in his life, Maurice feels compassion for humanity and discovers to his horror, how he has been manipulated. He finally learns his lesson in a life and death struggle. The revenge Maurice wreaks upon the criminals may not save his heart, but perhaps, will save his soul.



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St. Thomas - Tickets $5

St. Croix - Tickets $3

6pm Wednesday, July 30th
6pm, Friday, August 1st
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6pm Thursday, July 31st
3pm, Sunday, August 3rd
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